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How to care for elderly bedridden patients - Realcareworld

Home care can encompass many different services. Such services range from helping with cleaning, cooking, and shopping, to caring for patients with feeding tubes,oxygen machines, and catheters.  Bedridden elderly, whether they are in that state temporarily or for the long term, can really benefit from the kind of help a home caregiver can provide. "Aging in place" is becoming a popular alternative to elderly people having to relocate to a nursing homes, especially if they are confined to their beds. Home care providers can help the patient manage their needs in their own setting, where they are familiar with their surroundings and comfortable in their home environments.  Many families are looking to home care to ensure elderly loved ones are well cared for during those times when they are particularly fragile. Being bedridden is hard enough without having to spend all that time in a hospital. Having an opportunity to heal at home, in contrast, is much more comfortab ...

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