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Home care

Managing Stress Tips | Dealing With Stress | Realcareworld

Stress is an inevitable part of our life, how we react to it has a bearing on how significantly it affect our bodies. Stress causes physical changes.

  • Increase heart rate
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Quicker breathing

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Home Care - Understanding Home Care

Home care can be one way to really help adult stay independently and help keep them out of the hospital. They don't have to be there. What is Home Care? Home care is having a healthcare professional come to your home, usually two to three times a day fora short amount of time to help you with different activities that you might need and different skill set. It usually a team approach, so its a nurse that comes and serve as you case manager and then co-ordinate care with your primary care doctor, and that nurse can bring in other career to help you take care of yourself as well The goal of this is to keep an older adult as independent as possible, comfortable and settled in.It is also really about education. The nurse and her team is really there to help teach you how to take of yourself and help teach family how to help take care of you, they are there to do things for you for a while but also to empower you on how to take better care of yourself. Realcareworld  provide ho ...

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Mental illness | Living With love ones with Mental illness

One in four of us will have some kind of mental health difficulties in our lives, but yet it’s still a forbidden subject, it is essential to make a sure you keep your emotional health, as well as our physical health in check. Most people tend to manage their physical health far better than their emotional issue leaving our internal issues to causes us real harm, these internal issues could leave you feeling.  Suicidal-  suicidal feeling in children and young  Nervous breakdown  Phobia-  struggle with phobia,     Self-harm-  have the urge to self-harm yourself  in other to deal with you emotion Getting the mental health support that you need For individuals suffering from mental illness deciding whether to tell someone what is go on in their life and with whom to share this with can be a huge dilemma. Undergoing the symptoms of a severe mental health problem is challenging and confusing enough, but there is also ...

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