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  • NHS Trust
  • Primary Care Trusts (PCT), now known as CCGs.
  • Private Hospitals
  • Nursing & Residential Homes
  • Respite Centers
  • Inter Hospital transfer support
  • Supported living staff supply
  • Children services (including hospice)
  • Intermediate care and rapid response
  • Prisoncare services
  • Government and private schools

In other to ensure that we match the right staff to the clients and provide the staff with relevant information we will ask for a profile of the organisation including numbers of bed and residents, staffing level, shift pattern, clientel group, manager's details and emergency contact numbers.

Summary of Individuals Care Policy- Homecare

Realcare+ Limited also support individuals with the following range of medical problems who may also have complex care requirements. A full care and risks assessment will be carried out by a competent nurse with the consent of the individual and relatives involved. Care plan will be drafted and implemented according to the needs and agreed plan with the individual or their representatives. Each individual will have a pool of competent staff who will be in the rota on a monthly basis for continuity and consistency of care delivery. 

  1. Each service user is an individual with needs, wants and desires. This individuality will be recognised and respected in accordance with the duties that are expected to perform to ensure promotion and maintenance of the individual's dignity and independence.
  2. Each individual has the right to fulfill their potential for personal choice of lifestyle and opportunities.
  3. Each individual has the right to a care service that does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, political affiliation, disability or impairments, marital status, parenthood, sexual gender or sexual orientation.
  4. Each individual has the right to refuse any body entry to their home. This will include Realcare+ Limited staff member where the individual feels an element of incompatibility as perceived.
  5. Each individual has the right of access to their personal care records as stipulated in the freedom of information act 2002. The individual has the right to be consulted with respect to the care services provided and to be involved in on-going reviews of their care. Where, for reasons of mental frailty, the individual is unable to make his and/or her wishes known directly, an appointed advocate may fulfill this purpose.
  6. Each individual has the right to details of the contract with respect to the care services offered, including the costs involved.
  7. Each individual has the right to be assured that no personal or confidential information concerning their affairs will be disclosed to a third party without their express permission.
  8. Each individual has the right to complain about any element of the care service, and to do so without fear of any intimidation, recrimination or reprisals.
  9. Each individual has the right to be informed in advance of any changes in hours of duty by the agency, or even a change in the member of staff as a result of emergency
  10. Each individual has the right to express their opinion, views and choices regarding their care and wellbeing.