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NHS Hospitals

NHS -hospitals


Realcareworld has fuctioned on the basis of partnership with the service level of agreement or preferred status agreement with our clients in NHS Hospitals and NHS trust.

Our clients includes, the Berkshire healthcare NHS foundation trust and we cover all NHS hospital within the south east area. We provide transportation that can take the staff to their shifts allocation at any given time to ensure that the staff will be there no matter the distance in location.

We have trained and professional drivers with good knowledge of all the geographical areas within the south east region.We work in partnership with the hospital to ensure that all staff being sent to them goes through thorough recruitment and safety checks, including:

  • Cleared CRB
  • Occupational health
  • Reference check
  • Employment history
  • Fitness to work check

We formulate a staffing profile which contains all relevant information about staff which is shared within the hospital management for verification based on staff consent. We also work with the managers in the hospital  to gather enough information about the wards to ensure that we match the right staff with right skills to the right wards.

NHS -hospitals