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Social Companionship Care

Social Companionship Care


Is your elderly one lonely?

Does he or she misses their family and friends?

This could lead to depression and isolation, being depress and isolated can lead to mental and physical health illness , such as depression, anxiety, poor nutrition and disorientation .

Our social companionship care and social care services is tailored to meet the clients requirement, we provide quality social companionship care to meet their personal and social needs. Realcareworld  social companionship specialist carers will ensure that they interact ,engage them with a friendly and stimulating conversation to find out ways to bring joy back into their life.

Our social companionship care and social carer will assist with domestic tasks such as house chores, shopping and laundry. The carer endeavors to be of good companion to the individuals. Our devoted social care workers will ensure they positively reinforce and reassure them and also perform  different mind stimulation activities with them .

We can provide social companionship care service for people for instance reading to them, playing board games or taken to a show or favorite venue.

  • Play favorite card and games
  • Escorting to outing and activities
  • Read and discuss books , magazines
  • Help with crafts and hobbies

Social Companionship cares services

Our social companionship care workers will accompany you to social activities and events wherever possible - such as cinema, day center, pub and other recreational activities.

Social companionship care- sitting service to keep the service user company thereby providing support and feeling of safety.

All new care cases are thoroughly assessed by our qualified social care management team who ensures that the social needs and preferences of the individual and family are considered.

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