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Recruitment Requirements

 Application Requirement List - All Applicants must provide the followings before registration.

□  A full CV – with details of any experience or training relating to the role for which you are applying. Please note that you are required to provide reasons and evidence (reference) of any gap in your employment history. We will require up to date CV yearly if you are successful. Please include your email address in your CV.

□  Passport / Home Office Letter – If on a student visa, you will provide confirmation of the course,establishment and end date. Please be aware that photocopies of these documents will be taken and the home office letter must be dated not later than six months. We may verify this with the Home Office

□  For EU National - Passport & A copy of Home office letter received confirming permission to work if required.

□  Driving Licence, full or provisional (if available).

□  2* proof of address – such as utility bills / bank statement, these must be from different companies not less than two months dated

□  Proof of National Insurance Number: such as NI card with the letter, P60, P45 or Payslips.

□  2* recent passport pictures taken within six months which confirms the photograph in your passport book

□  Birth and Marriage Certificate (if married)

□  Immunology for the following vaccines:

o  MMR – measles, mumps and rubella

o  Tuberculosis – BCG scar

o  Varicella - confirmation of having a chicken pox vaccine by GP / Occupational health agency.

o  Hepatitis B (confirmation of 1st vaccine if you have not received the 3 boosters)

If you require letter from the company for your GP / Occupational health to help you get this information, we will endeavor to give you the letter. But note that you may need to pay the GP / Occupational health agency for these Immunizations.

□  Occupational Health Certificate which confirms your fitness to work. This     

      will be processed by Realcareworld Limited occupational health consultancy. Once

      you have completed your vaccinations or full Immunology proof listed above. It is

      renewable yearly

□  Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Formerly CRB: This will be processed by Realcareworld Limited. To successfully process your CRB you must have a valid EU, UK or non EU passport with any two documents from the list below:-

·        Utility Bill – gas / electricity bill, land line telephone statement (not mobile phone bill) not more than 2 months on current address

·        Bank statement not more than 2 months or current address

·        Initial account opening letter from your bank  not more than five years or

·        Driving licence  EU or British

·        Marriage certificate (British) or

·        Birth certificate (British)

·        P60 or P45 Tax document issued within the last 12 months

·        EU Card

□  All relevant Training Certificates. The training certificate must be in line with health can social care Act 2008 and must contain the full mandatory training i.e. moving & handling, health & safety, must include COSHH and RIDDOR. 

     Food safety and Hygiene, Infection Control - First aid awareness including Basic life support, Fire safety awareness, SOCA (safeguarding of children from abuse), SOVA (safeguarding of adults from abuse), fraud awareness, complaint handling, conflict management. Please be aware that you must provide these training as we do not provide them prior to registration

□  Full contact details for 2 referees with telephone and fax numbers– one must be from your current / recent employer. References from friends or relatives are not acceptable. Please note that it is your responsibility to chase

□   Placing you to work is subject to a satisfactory DBS check and receipt of   

 two satisfactory of the references.

FAO Nurses Only

□  Union Membership – RCN / Unison card

□  NMC PIN –Up-to-date and statement of entry

□  Original Nurse Training Certificates

□  Up to Date Mandatory Training

□  PREP / Continuing  Professional Development Certificate